Saturday, November 17, 2007

"This isn't fear. This is anger."

Haha the title for this entry is so applicable to how I'm feeling about my writing. In general.

I just made the HUGE mistake of going through all my word docs related to the different stories I've written.
I get attacked by SO many plot bunnies. Usually I'll get about 10 pages in, and then stop. But I keep them around, cuz there's some good things in some of them that I can use in the future.
Anywho. My complaint is my completely ambiguous outlines. A really old project, a fan-fiction actually (I can't believe I'm writing a fan-fiction.....but that's a defense for another day), that I really want to finish someday cuz I think it's got something there. Anyway, at the time I wrote like a half-page outline, so that in case I stopped working on it for a while (as I did) I would know what my thoughts were. But then, tonight, when I read it, it was SOOOO amibiguous! Pretty much NO help at all. It describes ONE big scene pretty thoroughly, and then, hahahaha, says, "Takes on other jobs. Eventually they find out about something hidden-" and then goes OFF into this other dude and what he's doing.
WHAT. TEH. HECK. I have NOOOO idea what that's even ABOUT! I know it's important to the plot, but besides that......something HIDDEN? *hysterical laughter*
Ohhhhhkay. So that plot needs a *tad* more help than I thought. Like, a lot. And I have noooo idea how to help it really at all.

Besides *that* doomed project, I edited a few more pages of my jano today in between classes, and I'm at 26,667 for my Nano. *happiness* For today I should be at 28,333, but I'm going to write-in tomorrow and am fairly confident I can get it all done there. They're That is my ultimate goal for this weekend. Get them OFF the freaking island.
Oh yeah, Adrastus got SHOT! :D *happiness* I can't kill him, but I can sure as HECK bloody him up a bit.

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