Sunday, November 18, 2007

Don't even talk to me about handmaidens.

WHEEEEE went to a write-in today!!! I wrote 3,000 while there which brings me up to 30k altogether. :D:D:D
Story-wise I accomplished a lot as well. I got them OFF of Crete (You don't even know how exciting that is) AND I got to write like THREE friendly dancing scenes! LOL! One of those being Ariadne and Dionysus, which was pretty much the funnest thing ever, cuz I love both of them. AND I got Adrastus a girlfriend, which just makes EVERYTHING better, LOL! So I no longer want to kill the poor guy. He can live.
*Adrastus breathes huge sigh of relief*

This is a random note on my writing style. When Susan proof-read my story for lit a while back, she noticed that I use commas a LOT! Like, a heck of a lot. Once she pointed it out to me I noticed it as well, and now I can't STOP noticing it! Haha. So as I've been editing Absence I've been deleting ALL commas unless they're crucial to the grammar. Yay! You'd think I would do that before, but you'd be surprised the amount of ways a comma can justify it's existence!!!

So altogether pretty happy about my writing life. :D The only thing I'm worried about is I really don't know if my story is going to last to 50k, especially considering how much I covered today in 3000. :P

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