Monday, November 12, 2007

"I refused to acknowledge Fun-Man."

Wordcount: 20,610.
Finally finished the minotaur fight scene today. :D Basically I had to get up early for Latin class and was suddenly struck with the NEED to finish it. So I sat down at my desk and Kendra helped me through it. That girl is helpful, I'm telling you. ;)
So that's all done. I'm very glad. Adrastus justified his existence, as well, so that's good.
But now I'm suspecting that I'm about to get stuck again. Dionysus is trying to sweet-talk Aegeus into spilling some beans, and I can't help thinking that a god would have a much more efficient and speedy way of doing it. Hum.
AND I have no idea how the Athenians are going to get out of the cave without getting slaughtered. Stupid Makidon. He wasn't supposed to be this smart, honestly. Sending soldiers to the stupid entrance....gah.

Sorry, I'm being incomprehensible. Long and short of it, I am mildly enjoying the story/characters, and it's going along pretty well. I have pretty good hopes of wrapping this up in a month. :D

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