Friday, November 23, 2007

"Did you kill anyone?" "No...but I was ABOUT to!"

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Wordcount: 38333
Sanity: Very very strained.
Body count: BIG FAT ZERO!! This category is seriously affecting the one exactly previous.

Sooooo I'm still deathly afraid of my plot running out. I'll be honest. :D But Evan and my dad gave me the good idea of pulling a PotC:3 once my main plot is done: just make everyone pirates and do random things. That sounds like fun. I also could do an "alternate ending" with ninjas. :D You know it's a good idea. Just admit it.
But yeah Ariadne just woke up...I have to do the curse scene today...which I've been looking forward to for FOREVER bout now of course I'm afraid to do it in case I mess up.
Plus I'm not sure how much of Catullus I want to use in her curse. ARGH so complicated. Be strong. Must be strong.

Yeah but overall tis going well....once she curses, I can kill off a certain person. w00t! Bloooooood.....bloooooooooooood.

The full quote from the title of this entry:
"You two LEFT me in that den of sin! And Flippy was in there trying to kill people!"
"Did you kill anyone?"
"No....but I was about to!"

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