Saturday, November 03, 2007

"He's like all the Greek gods rolled into one!"

SO! Nanowrimo has officially begun.
I got a good start, writing more than 3000 words the first day (the daily quota is 1667). Yesterday I only wrote about a thousand more, so today I still have only about 700 to write. :P The first week is always the best though, because you're all inspired and junk. I'll slow down a LOT next week. *cringes at the thought of week two*
My story, for anyone who doesn't yet know, is a novelization of the Greek legend of Ariadne and Theseus and the Minotaur. Basically Theseus and some other Athenians are going to be fed to the monster Minotaur, but Ariadne falls in love with him cuz she's an idiot and helps him kill it. Then they all escape and after a few more adventures, Theseus abandons her on an island. Pretty emo stuff. But, as my RA says, "But then she gets to marry the god of wine, so who's complaining?" ;)
There's a lot of creative wiggle room outside of the legend, fortunately, so I've been inventing a few characters and plan on doing more. I've got Adrastus, one of the Athenians. I have NO idea what he's going to contribute yet, but he's named, so knowing me he'll do something. And then there's Celia. According to what I wrote the other day, she's "one of those women who could just slither into men's laps." She's a Maenad, so meh, can't expect much better.
My most amusing moment so far was putting Dionysus up on a statue of Zeus. Basically, I was writing about a feast that the Cretans were having, and I needed Dionysus up high somewhere where he could see everyone, and just thought "Dude! Zeus! A statue of Zeus!" Which works cuz Zeus is Dionysus' father, and basically an idiot, so it makes sense D would sit on him. :D I just have giggle fits every time I picture it. *feels nerdy* Dionysus and Celia are just really really fun to write.
Theseus is easy to write, surprisingly. From the way I'm writing him, overconfident, overnoble, and kinda a foolish hero type, I think I can realistically imagine him abandoning Ariadne later, given the right reasons.
Ariadne is being very problematic. Like, the story starts out and almost immediately she's falling in love with Theseus and deciding to go so far as to abandon her family to help him? It seems very unrealistic to me, but there's no way to develop her character before this without having a long and random like....history chapter on her. *Sigh*
So in a nutshell that's how that's all going.

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