Saturday, November 24, 2007

"What do you need the scoop for? Burying a body?"

Wordcount: Just past 38k.
Sanity: Wacko? I prefer unbalanced!!

I was walking to the mall this morning, and to keep myself from thinking about the cold part I ran through the rest of my plot in my head. It was actually VERY productive. I had been trying to decide how to wrap up Theseus' plotline, and also if/how I should wrap up the 13 youth's ....whatever, not really plotline but their fates, and I figured out how to do BOTH simultaneously, and it ended up being kinda cool too. So I'm happy. I haven't written it yet but I know what's going down.
I did finish the curse scene yesterday. That was good. Good progress. I've barely written today though because I think I'm going to finish. O.o Dang.

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